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No One Watches TV on the TV

I, like most people in this country, watch television. I have Direct tv set up in my home, and if you were to ask me how often I watch television, the number of times would be quite high. However, if you were to ask me how much of that time is spent sitting in front of the television, the number would be quite different.

You see, we live in an era where mobility is the name of the game. You can enjoy your television programming just like anyone else, but why would you anchor yourself to the TV room when you can watch it all on the go.

Streaming services and digital video recording have made it so that television isn’t just some monolith you gather around but, rather, a tool or a device that you can enjoy when you want. It’s advanced to such a point where television waits on you instead of the other way around.

You can stream entire episodes of shows and movies that you set your system to record and you can enjoy these during a bus commute or even while you’re waiting on food.

And, because of all this, we’re watching TV without spending a whole lot of time in front of one.

Three Best Sites For Streaming Television

Watching online streaming television is extremely convenient. As the internet continues to grow more and more websites offer this service, for both new and old televisions shows. Here are three of the best sites for streaming television free. Hulu Hulu is one of the most popular websites; it offers high resolution, ad-supported videos of both television shows and movies. In addition, Hulu has a back catalog of popular television shows and distributes content by NBC-Universal, Lubbock direct television packages, Fox and numerous other subsidiaries.I found some more information here. Hulu Plus, a subscription-based service provides access to all episodes of a current season, as well as Hulu game consoles and televisions when available. SideReel SideReel helps users find, track and watch shows online by providing links to streaming video from all over the internet. SideReel is a bit difficult to pilot but their library has a large variety of network and cable television shows, movies, as well as web TV series. TvGeorge TVGorge uses an exclusive indexing service that searches the web for the top file sharing links for streaming television. Users may submit links, as well as report dead links and bad quality of sources listed in the database. TVGorge has high quality and video playback features and is available internationally unlike other streaming services.