Is This The End Of Television

The internet is a great and powerful thing and as streaming television technology advances it is becoming less and less necessary to tune in every week to your favorite television programs. With streaming television growing by leaps and bounds it stands to reason that television studios would be a bit tense about it. Though streaming television shows on the internet will not wipe out all of the television viewers, it does stand to take down a large number of them. It is likely that it will help to take a large chunk out of traditional television viewers but there will always be a few that stay with the tried and true methods.
For many, watching television via the internet is out of the question, while younger viewers may opt for this method, there will be many that are just too set in their old ways to switch over to internet television. Though this new technology does have the ability to completely crush traditional television, it is far less likely that it will than saying that streaming movies online may phase out DVDs. While this technology is incredibly efficient it is far from likely that it will get rid of all traditional television watchers.